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  • Jill Lawson

A Meditation in Times of Crisis

Holy crap! What’s going on??? Oh no, this is awful!!! I'm afraid! I can't stand this any longer!!!! I wish things were back to normal!!!! Is this ever going to end???

Does your internal playlist sound like a scratched, broken, beaten down record that is, as of late, constantly spinning with fear and anxiety?

Use this guided imagery to calm your mind.

First, examine what it means to be in crisis. The Latinized form of the Greek word crisis, or krisis, means ‘turning point.’ That can be scary! However, turning points don't have to breed fear. John F. Kennedy liked to point out that the Chinese symbol for crisis has two brush strokes. One represents danger, the other opportunity. In today’s crisis, it is important to recognize the opportunities woven into our mental, emotional, and social network.

With practice and patience, you will be able seize the opportunity to restore peace and harmony to your internal soundtrack. It won't just help you, it will help those around you, too. We all want this current turning point to take a turn for the best.

Begin by picturing the Earth; a big blue ball in a sky of black. Scan the Earth with your mind’s eye from pole to pole. In the process, pay attention to the things you tell yourself. If you feel a tinge of fear or hopelessness when you scan the globe, take 5 deep breaths and let all negative thoughts go.

Next, give yourself an opportunity to be optimistic about all aspects of life; global health, a thriving environment, and social and economic balance. This opportunity is your chance to ‘be the change you wish we see in the world.’ Repeat the scan until your thoughts bring you peace, not unrest. Invite the melody in your mind to be in tune with compassion and acceptance. When it is, your song will radiate across the planet. It’s what we need right now.

This too shall pass. When you accept challenges, you are better able to overcome them. Take note of the opportunities for peace (not fear!) during these challenging times, and do your best to enjoy the journey.


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