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  • Jill Lawson

Another Rainy Day in Paradise

Water is needed to maintain life. Without it, nothing on our flourishing planet would be able to survive. It is essential for the complete process of birth, growth, sustenance, and graceful decomposition. However, sometimes a lot of water, particularly in the form of continuous gray skies and rain, can wreak havoc on our attitudes.

It's been raining for nearly a month here in Maui and my mood has been compromised! We all know that a plummeting mood doesn’t do much in contributing to a healthy and happy life.

The following meditation will help you embrace the rain when the weather forecast keeps calling for damp, dreary, and overcast conditions.

Begin in a comfortable position, free from external distractions. If indoors, open a window and let the sounds and the smells of the world around you waft into your room. Connecting with the conditions of your natural environment will make it easier to accept them.

Close your eyes and visualize a rain cloud perched directly over your head, as if there is a looming storm that is only relevant to your and your current situation. See the cloud’s deep ashen hues and dimly lit presence nagging at your positive attitude. You might even feel an internal rumble, as perhaps this cloud brings thunder in the form of a guttural vibration. Sit with these internal images and sensations your imagination is conjuring up, and do your best to not deny them in these first few moments of your meditation.

Next, with all of your might, feel as if your own presence was growing larger and much stronger, engulfing the rain cloud overhead. Imagine your awareness expanding to swallow up the mass of dense storminess that looms up above you. Just by having a solid and secure awareness of your own divine presence, the mass of dense moisture and gloom begin to lose its power over your mood and good attitude. Feel as if you’ve soon become much bigger than the weather, or any other external circumstances that have you daydreaming about living a better life.

Gandhi once said, “Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace must be real to be unaffected by outside circumstances.” One of the amazing benefits of practicing yoga and meditation is that it enables us to not be defeated by the world around us. If we can spend just a few minutes every day to practice, we will soon discover how possible it is to become the master of our destiny and finally be able to be happy with our lives, no matter what is going on in the world around us.


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