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  • Jill Lawson

Believe It and Bloom

From a tiny acorn, an oak tree grows. Creations of such magnitude take time. While Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither will our biggest dreams and most inspiring ideas manifest into reality overnight.

Like the lime-green leaves of a young oak tree making their appearance for the first time in the spring, our lives can align with our wishes every day. We just need to nurture and be patient with ourselves.

The following is a guided imagery meditation to help you turn your dreams into reality, whether they are dreams of health, wealth, or happiness. Remember, anything magnificent takes time and patience. Trust yourself, and believe that in due time, you too will see growth and possibilities budding within you.

The start of a new year, your birthday, or an ordinary Monday are all good times for your intention to be planted. Practice this meditation first thing in the morning, just before you get out of bed.

To begin, sit comfortably on the edge of your bed upon waking. Close your eyes and take in all of the sensations associated with the morning. Perhaps you feel sleepy, excited, stiff. Notice how you feel without judgment.

Next, set your goal, but place your focus on the small details associated with that goal. For example, do you want lots of energy? Do you want to feel relaxed at work? Do you want to be more confident? Whatever it is you want, imagine the feeling as if your wishes have already come true. Plant these feelings in your head and heart.

Now, visualize your intention seed like an acorn of a might oak. Cover it with nutrient rich food for thought, prayer, fodder for growth. Next, as you'd water your flowerbeds in the spring to enjoy the bloom in the summer, give time and energy into caring for your intention seed. What will help it grow? Eliminate weeds (temptation, dishonesty, laziness) that compete with the growth of your intention seed.

For the next few moments, visualize the seed of your intention beginning to sprout. Then, imagine leaves spreading, rising and manifesting into something marvelous. Have patience, because what was once just a tiny seed will eventually grow to awe-inspiring grandeur. Whenever you are in doubt, spend more time nurturing your intention seed. Reflect back to the image of a mighty oak. You have it in you. Believe it, and bloom.


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