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  • Jill Lawson

Feed the Flame: A Meditation for Success

Follow-through isn’t just the finish of a successful tennis serve, it is a critical aspect in getting things done in life. We all have wishes and dreams, but many don’t have the follow-through it takes to succeed.

In yogic terms, follow-through is referred to as ‘tapas.’ In Sanskrit, tapas means heat. It is a word that explains the internal fire created by disciplined action. In order to make changes in our lives, we must walk through the fire of transformation. However, when things heat up, most of us tend to run the other way. Making changes, whether it be quitting a habit, or beginning an exercise program, can be uncomfortable.

The following meditation is designed to help you take that first step into the fire, and with consistent practice, it will help keep you walking through the flames until your desires have been fulfilled.

Begin this meditation preferably after doing some type of vigorous aerobic exercise such as running or brisk walking. Find a place to stand, free from distractions.

Next, choose a goal you would like to accomplish. Imagine it vividly in your mind. Allow yourself to feel all the sensations associated with having already achieved your goal.

Now, imagine your success in achieving your goal has been taken away from you and placed into a fire pit. Notice what that feels like. Does it make you angry? Do you feel hot and full of rage? These feelings are what will help you step into the fire and retrieve your desired outcome. Focus on how you feel with a strong sense of conviction. Trust you will overcome any obstacles that prevent you from getting what you want.

Now it’s time to step into the flames. The hotter you feel on the inside, the cooler the fire of transformation will feel on the outside. Remember that burning sensation of having your success taken away from you? Be that now. Stand up tall, make fists with your hands, let out a loud roar, feel your heart burst into flames. With bravery and follow-through, take back the success that is rightfully yours.

Whenever you feel your motivation waning, practice this heated meditation. A burning desire isn’t just something you read about in a romance novel. It is the power needed to follow through with every intention you set in your life.


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