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  • Jill Lawson

I am Ready. I Let Go.

Everything changes. This is a concept many of us have a hard time accepting. We become comfortable with our day-to-day lives, then something happens to upend our situation. However, some want a change, but just can’t make one. You may dream of a different life, but the thought of moving, switching jobs, or ending a relationship is too frightening.

The following are sample meditations to practice when you are facing change and unable to move forward in your new situation. Whether you are frozen in fear or heavy with doubt, practice either guided imagery to free your spirit and soar. Choose one that resonates with you.

Begin each brief meditation by taking three deep breaths. On each inhalation repeat the mantra, “I am ready.” On each exhalation repeat the mantra, “I let go.” Acknowledge your fear or doubt, but don’t label these emotions as negative. Emotions are just energy.


Imagine a small patch of ice and snow hiding in the shade on a bed of budding grass in early spring. In your mind’s eye, create rays of sun that begin to melt the ice and snow. Notice tiny crystal formations beginning to change shape as they yield to the heat of your persuasion. Visualize the edges of the patch receding as you witness ice turning to water. Take note of how you feel as your snow patch goes away. Ask yourself what changed? Understand that while it looks as if the snow disappeared and is gone forever, it simply transformed into something different.

If you feel frozen in your current situation, reflect on this meditation. Be brave like melting snow as it surrenders into water, then vapor, than back to a raindrop or a snow crystal. Believe in change as a natural occurrence in the cycle of life, and allow your own transformations to take place.


This imagery meditation requires a little bit of movement. Practice in a quiet place. Imagine wearing a heavy coat on a hot day. Notice how you feel. Perhaps you realize that the weight of the coat is an enormous burden, and the contents in your coat’s pockets are no longer needed. Do you crave to be free of its confines? Now, begin to move in such a way that you feel your heavy coat slide down your arms. Continue to slither, much like a snake coming out of its skin, until your imaginary coat, and all it represents, has fallen to the ground. Walk away from your coat. Feel the heat of your heavy burden evaporate into thin air and leave you feeling light and ready for action.

Imagery meditations are powerful tools to promote action, calm anxiety, and offer a unique perspective on life's challenges. Ordinary occurrences are our best teachers, especially when we take time to pay attention.


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