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My Interview With Diamond Dallas Page of DDP Yoga

When I was a writer for Diets in Review, I submitted hundreds of articles over several years. Once in a while I found myself conducting interviews with unique leaders in the fitness industry such as pro wrestler turned yoga teacher, Diamond Dallas Page. I very much enjoyed speaking with Dallas, and he felt the same. His publicist, who was listening in on our conversation, told me it was the best interview she ever heard. Dallas said he had met with many yoga teachers, most of them he referred to as, "yoga snobs" but, according to him, I was not one of them. Whatever that means, thank you Dallas for the lovely visit. I know you're out there crushin' it.

Article below:

Hundreds Find Weight Loss Success With DDP Yoga

I must admit I just shrugged my shoulders when I first heard of the DDP Yoga program, referred to as “Ain’t Your Mama’s Yoga.” Originally titled Yoga for Regular Guys, I thought it was just some egotistical attempt at yoga by some inflexible macho man. I was wrong.

Developed by former pro wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, DDP Yoga is not your average yoga. Just minutes into a high-spirited interview I had with Dallas, it was clear that Dallas is not your average yoga teacher.

Muscle-clad, tatted, and standing at a lofty 6 foot 4 inches, you definitely wouldn’t want to be Dallas’ opponent in the wrestling ring, or meet him in a dark alley. But watching Dallas in action on his DDP Yoga DVDs, and speaking with him over the phone, left me inspired.

Loyal, passionate, and genuine, Dallas is a fabulous yoga and fitness instructor. His method of dynamic resistance, combined with yoga and core work is a winning combination for cardio, muscle tone and weight loss, that puts virtually zero impact on the joints. He gives well-executed options, with participants in his DVDs showing different modifications to suit all levels. His coaching is stern but not discouraging, as he reminds his audience to check their heart rates, drink water, and move into the “safety zone,” aka child’s pose, when they need a break.

The DDP Yoga Guide is the accompanying booklet that contains a healthy dose of motivation plus nutritionally sound meal plans, a food journal, and workout tracker. It is written in a language that, well, regular guys can relate with and fully understand. Commenting on his own nutrition, Dallas says, “I just try to focus on real food and do parameter shopping at the store and watch calories. It is that simple.”

The weight loss success rate of those who have completed the DDP Yoga program is astonishing. Many are familiar with Arthur, of the viral YouTube video titled Never, Ever Give Up: Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation. It is about an amazing chronological account of a 297-pound disabled vet transform into a lean, mean, fitness machine. Arthur attributes all of his success to DDP Yoga and Dallas’ effective method of fitness, nutrition, and motivation.

Like Arthur, hundreds of others have had a similar level of success through DDP Yoga.

Through Team DDP, participants can join a support network and receive motivation, extra tips, connect with others, and have a place to post and track their progress. Dallas said Team DDP Yoga is, “For people who want to stay positive and get that feeling that people really care.” He said he puts forth the effort to call up people who have experienced profound weight loss success.

My favorite aspect of DDP Yoga is that Dallas emphasizes working at an appropriate level for maximum results. He doesn’t believe in the “no pain, no gain” motto, but says, “If you work at it, you’ll get it.”

Dallas turned to yoga after suffering a major back injury while wresting. He developed his system to incorporate other aspects of fitness because he believes, “You can come back from anything with proper nutrition and a workout that not only gives you flexibility and core strength, but also gives you a great cardio workout with virtually zero impact.” DDP Yoga provides this workout.

Many people are turned off by the thought of yoga. Dallas figured it out. He said, “I didn’t develop DDP Yoga for yogis, I developed it for people who wouldn’t be caught dead doing yoga.”

Diamond Dallas Page, founder of DDP Yoga


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