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  • Jill Lawson

Patience at a Snails Pace

Prior to moving to Maui, I had several people share with me their experiences of living in Hawaii. I was told I would get island fever, that the pace of life would be much slower, and an island mentality would frustrate the pants off me (who needs pants here anyway?). I reminded myself where I'm from (a town of 800 people, probably even less than that) and reflected back to my time living in St. Lucia, before it became a fancy tourist destination.

I can do this, I thought. And, so far so good. As I've met more people on the island, it's come to my attention that some folks can't. If you are facing the agony of impatience from your circumstances, wherever you live, this meditation is for you.

First understand that nothing will completely rob you of the peaceful feeling that comes from being in the present moment faster than impatience with your current circumstances. Toe tapping, fidgeting, and pacing are just a few of the signs that let us know we need to take a step back and find peace in the moment. Why take on the extra anxiety and let impatience be a disruption? You must trust deep in your heart that the universe is taking care of it. All you need to do to combat the health-harming state of over-eagerness is to take a deep breath, relax, and practice the following meditation on patience.

Next time you are feeling a bout of impatience, whether it is waiting for slow people to move along, getting stuck in the training lane at the grocery store, or waiting for the cable guy to show up when he said he'd be right over, practice this guided imagery meditation. Turn your restless mind into a restful oasis, and tap into inner peace.

Now, take a look around you. Notice every small detail about every single thing you see. Can you see the leaves of the trees moving and reflecting light as they shimmy in the breeze? Pay close attention to your immediate environment, and witness unique facets and characteristics about it.

This practice is similar to the concept of drawing your awareness inward, however, when you are striving to combat impatience, practice turning your attention to the world around you. Taking a moment to view your external landscape is a perfect way to draw out your internal angst, and let it escape while you explore what exists right before your eyes.

You must trust that you are exactly where you need to be, accepting your position in the universe with gratitude, appreciation, and complete acceptance. Let these new and refreshing feelings take the place of your impatience and give you abundant inner peace.


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