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  • Jill Lawson

Sky Above, Earth Below, Voice Within

The Earth, often referred to as ‘the mother,’ is the third planet from the sun and is home to millions of species. It is approximately seventy percent water, and has a gravitational pull that allows all beings to feel secure and grounded on its surface.

The Earth is believed to be a living entity, providing for all creatures despite the disrespect it might endure from humans. If we all treated the Earth as we treat our loved ones, pets and special friends, the Earth would have all the care it needs to thrive.

The following Earth meditation will help you develop a heart to heart connection to our fragile yet spirited planet, whether you live in a city or are surrounded by a vast stretch of pristine agrarian beauty. When you feel a heart connection with something or someone, you are more likely to maintain a flourishing relationship of mutual giving and receiving, and take the best care possible.

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position with your eyes closed. Begin to lengthen your breath and draw your awareness inward as you journey toward the deep, innermost core of your being.

Imagine you are holding a young and vulnerable Earth in the palm of your hand. Give this young world your undivided attention, from your core to the deepest layer of the Earth’s core. Witness it absorbing your heartfelt, nurturing care just as a parched desert absorbs the much-needed rain.

Now, take a moment to connect with and feel the planet’s pain, trauma and volatility. Witness the core of the Earth expanding, and its surface shifting. Visualize the Earth erupting with fiery determination to renew itself and be a constant source of life giving magnificence. Sit with these feelings for a moment without judgment, and begin to express compassion and understanding for our continuously evolving and bountiful globe.

Next, imagine the Earth full and complete, with clean blue oceans and unspoiled green landscapes. Picture white swirling clouds sweeping around it while replenishing storms and cooling winds bathe its surface. Trust the Earth is healthy and alive with vibrant life giving energy. Sense its internal pulse, just like your own heartbeat and let the beat of your heart resonate deep within the core of the Earth.

Be humbled by the Earth’s amazing resilience and desire to keep giving. Get inspired to give back. Vow to maintain an interdependent relationship with ‘the mother’. Connect your compassionate heart to the benevolent pulse of the planet and be one.


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